The 565,000 square-foot BOK Center and the 310,625 square-foot Cox Business Center make a huge impact on the community and the events they attract to our city. We are committed to the effort of caring for our environment by developing methods to reduce, reuse and recycle in our everyday routines. Employees of SMG and the city of Tulsa, as well as city officials, have engaged in a continuous commitment to be environmentally conscious by implementing green practices into facility operation.


  • Recycled paper products in restrooms to minimize waste
  • Low-flow toilets in BOK Center
  • Utilize china, glass and silverware for catered functions
  • Serve water on tables by request-only
  • Serve locally grown products
  • Energy efficient HVAC system in BOK Center
  • Employee energy conservation awareness program
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs in public areas
  • Environmentally green housekeeping products
  • On-site heavy equipment operating on clean burning propane
  • Energy Management Programming in building support and environmental systems
  • Centralized off site use of heating and cooling services to reduce cost and impact to Tulsa
  • Central ice rink plant system using non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Commitment to Tulsa’s Ozone Alert program by encouraging staff to use alternative modes of transportation and car pooling to decrease air pollutants
  • Reserve office paper for only necessary use
  • Eliminate BOK Center desktop printers by utilizing one central printer/copier whenever possible


  • Reuse recycled bond paper for non-essential BOK Center documents
  • Disposable and biodegradable food and beverage containers
  • Participate with local businesses in a city-wide composting program
  • Provide BOK Center employees with reusable vessels for beverages
  • Donate computers to charity after office updates


  • Recycle containers throughout the BOK Center and Cox Business Center, including offices, locker rooms, dressing rooms and employee break areas
  • Mandatory recycling of wood pallets, cardboard and paper for both facilities and all general service contractors
  • Kitchen grease recycling
  • Purchase recycled paper products for BOK Center office use
  • Promote an employee recycling program
  • Recycle toner cartridges
  • Participate in Tulsa’s surplus programs to reduce landfill use
  • Continually research green practices relating to public venues to implement during events


The BOK Center offers a wide variety of food and beverages, including dishes from popular local restaurants such as Billy’s, Dickey's BBQ and The Doghouse. The diverse menu creates a dinner destination for guests or a quick stop for snacks, desserts and drinks during an event. Our arena offers the latest trends in concession choices with all menu items bought, served and disposed of with a commitment to minimizing our “footprint” on the environment.

Sustainability Commitments From Savor...Tulsa - Catering by SMG

Farm-To-Table Freshness

SAVOR… integrates farm-to-table initiatives into all food and beverage operations. We intend to purchase local produce whenever possible to ensure the freshest of ingredients, allowing us to support the local economy by supporting regional farmers. Consequently, these actions will reduce “food miles,” thus decreasing transportation emissions.

Biodegradable / Recyclable Products

SAVOR… is committed to avoiding petroleum based products, including most plastics and Styrofoam which lead to pollution, toxicity and landfills. Additionally, we are adopting environmentally friendly utensils, serving pieces and packaging made from corn and potato starch that quickly biodegrade. From concessions to suite catering, all packaging and utensils will be used with this policy.


Simply put, whatever is recyclable is recycled. SAVOR… will work with local companies and Tulsa’s recycling programs to properly separate and handle all recyclable materials, ensuring reuse as their final destination. This endeavor extends to not only the ground level, but also to guests who will be provided labeled containers throughout the facility to dispose of waste in their proper receptacles.


Savor… will work with other local organizations to infiltrate a compositing program utilizing food and facility waste. This practice will help local farmers enrich the soil while reducing the need for chemical additives, which enhances local farm equity and product freshness.

Environmentally Sound Suppliers

We actively seek/contract suppliers and vendors who make green initiatives a priority in their daily business. These suppliers include local companies dedicated to environmentally sound practices, as well as national vendors who have made green practices an everyday objective.

Sustainable Seafood

SAVOR… menus will provide healthy seafood choices documented as coming from local wild stock or sustainable aquatic sources. Our menus will highlight these options, making it easy for event planners to select this option.