Premium Seating FAQs

Take a look at these frequently asked questions.

If I am on the waiting list, how many tickets will I be offered?

This will vary off the number of available seats at the given time you name comes up for purchasing options. However you do have the option of purchasing any combination of Club seats at that given time.

How large is the waiting list?

How do I sign up for the waiting list?

I would like to eat before the event, what options are available in the ONEOK Club Bar?

Our Premium Food and Beverage department provides a special selection of premium food at each event. This premium food can be purchased and enjoyed at the ONEOK Club Bar.

Is there a special entrance for premium seat holders?

Yes, the ONEOK VIP entrance is available for all premium seat holders only. It is located off of 3rd St. nearest the Frisco intersection.

Am I able to purchase ONEOK Club tickets for an individual event or game?

The premium seating is initially offered to all ONEOK Club seat holders first. Any available seating that is not purchased by Club seat holders can be purchased on an event basis at the Arby’s Box Office or online at However there is an additional fee for utilizing these seats if you are not a current Club seat holder.

If my seats are in the ONEOK Club, where do I have to go to smoke?

The designated smoking area is located behind section 119 on the main concourse

If I have ONEOK Club seats, may I sit in a Loge Box or Suite?

No. The Loge Boxes and Suites are currently sold and only patrons who posses those tickets may sit there.

If I have Loge Box or Suite tickets, may I go into the ONEOK Club Bar and Suites?

As a Loge Box or Suite holder, your ticket allows you to enjoy the ONEOK Club Bar as well as the ONEOK Premium Bar (located on the 2nd level), but does not gain you access to any other privately owned Suites.