Animals or pets are not permitted at BOK Center, with the exception of service animals for fans with disabilities. A service animal is defined as any animal that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, and can be identified as such. 

Bag Policy

Fans are permitted to enter the facility with one clear bag per person that does not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″ or a one gallon clear plastic bag.

Fans are also permitted one personal item per person such as small purses or clutches that aren’t clear and are no larger than 5″ x 8“.

Guests who have bags larger than this size will be asked to return them to their vehicles. All bags will also be searched for prohibited items at entry before walking through the metal detectors.


Banners and signs are permitted as long as they do not block the view of others, interfere with the event, contain advertising of any form, present a safety hazard or contain political or obscene material. No sign larger than 8.5″ x 11″ will be permitted into the venue. Banners may not be affixed with any type of material that is permanent in nature or that alters the facility in any manner. Poles and sticks are prohibited. Building management reserves the right to remove any banner or sign. Signs may also be prohibited if requested by the event.

Box Office

Tickets will NOT be available for purchase at the box office on the first day of ticket sales unless otherwise noted. Remaining available tickets will be available for purchase at the Box Office on the next business day that the box office is open. 


  • The box office at BOK Center is open Tuesday - Friday, 11AM – 3PM.
  • On event days that fall during the week, the box office will open at 11AM.
  • On event days that fall on the weekend, the box office will open 2 hours prior to door time.

LOCATION: Located at the corner of 3rd St. and Frisco Ave.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: The box office accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. No checks accepted.

Camera Policy

For most events, at the request of the artists and/or leagues, cameras (specifically cameras with professional/detachable lenses and flash) are not permitted. BOK Center reserves the right to examine and prohibit the use of any camera that conflicts with the policy set by the event. Audio recorders, video recorders and digital cameras with video capabilities are prohibited during all events. The specific camera policy for an event can be found on the event page for that show.

Cancelled / Postponed Events

In the event of a cancellation, tickets may be returned to your point of purchase for a refund. If tickets were ordered online, a refund will be applied to the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

Children - Tickets

Most events do not require a ticket for children under the age of two. However, in order for a child to have his/her own seat, a ticket is required. Some shows intended for young children (i.e., Sesame Street Live) require children over the age of one to have a ticket. To inquire about specific events, please call 918.894.4200.

Code of Conduct

We're committed to creating a safe, enjoyable, and respectful environment for everyone. This code of conduct outlines the expectations for guests, staff, and participants at our events.


Be courteous and respectful towards everyone at the arena, including staff, performers, other guests, and participants.

Obey all staff instructions and posted signage.

Consume alcohol responsibly. Intoxication that disrupts the enjoyment of others or poses a safety hazard will not be tolerated.

Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the arena.

Do not engage in disruptive behavior, including loud or obscene language, fighting, throwing objects, or attempting to enter restricted areas.


Report any suspicious activity or safety concerns to arena staff immediately.

Do not bring any prohibited items into the arena, as outlined in our bag policy.

Remain seated when instructed by staff for safety reasons.

Follow all emergency procedures as announced by staff.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior of any kind.

This includes derogatory comments, racial slurs, homophobic language, or any other form of discrimination.

Physical violence or threats of violence will result in immediate removal from the premises.


Guests who violate this code of conduct may be subject to ejection from the arena without a refund.

We reserve the right to involve law enforcement if necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation!  We appreciate your help in creating a positive experience for everyone at BOK Center. 


Visit our Concessions page for more information.

Door Times

For most events, doors open 60 minutes prior to start time. This may vary by event. For specific information, please call BOK Center at 918.894.4200 or check the event-specific page on our website or social media pages. 

Donation Requests

Charities and other non-profit groups requesting donation or auction items from BOK Center should submit a written request on their organizational letterhead to:

BOK Center
Attn: Donation Requests
200 S. Denver Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

The same request can also be emailed to

Please allow at least three (3) weeks for processing. Submission of a request does not guarantee a donation will be offered.


BOK Center has elevators available to ticket holders and guests with disabilities located outside of section 103 & 112. Check with a nearby Guest Services member for assistance.  

First Aid

The Ascension St. John First Aid Center is located on the main concourse behind section 114. For immediate assistance, please contact the closest staff member. 

Fundraising Opportunities

If you're looking for an opportunity to raise money for your non-profit group, please contact our Retail Food & Beverage Manager via email, or at 918.894.4304 for more information.

Please note, to be eligible: 

  • Your group needs to be a valid 501(c)3 non-profit with an IRS determination letter and W9
  • Commitment to attend all training classes as determined by Savor before beginning to volunteer
  • All group members are required to have a Tulsa County Food Handler’s permit card. If they do not have one, Tulsa County provides free classes for non-profit groups
  • Due to our stands selling beer, all members have to be over the age of 18 in order to serve beer. They must also have a valid Oklahoma Able Commission Liquor License.
  • A copy of the General Commercial Liability insurance that covers your group

Types of groups that currently fundraise at our concession stands include: school bands, pom & cheer squads, academic groups, booster clubs, dance & cheer teams, parent clubs and groups, churches, & JROTC groups.

Group Sales

Specific shows/events allow group discounts at the permission of the event organizer. The number that is considered to be a group varies on a show by show basis. If you are interested in a specific show, please contact our Group Sales Coordinator:

Connie Lytle

Guest Services

Our goal is to deliver extraordinary hospitality to our guests. Should you have a question or concern, or require assistance during an event at BOK Center, we encourage fans to visit a Guest Services desk located at the Grand Lobby outside of section 101 or Box Office entrance located outside of section 116. 

Interpreting Services

BOK Center can provide sign language interpretation for guests that are deaf/hard of hearing. Requests for this service must be received three weeks before the event and approved by the performer. For details, please email us at  or call BOK Center at 918.894.4200.

Lost & Found

Lost something while you were here? We've teamed up with Boomerang to simplify the search process. Submit a claim in under 60 seconds and let us help reunite you with your lost items. To submit a lost and found report, click HERE.

If your item is located, Boomerang will help get your item back to you!

Items that have been found will be stored in a locked storage area for 60 days before being discarded or donated if not claimed.

During events, you can approach any BOK Center staff member for assistance locating a lost item. If the item has not already been located, staff will direct you to submit a report through Boomerang. 

Media Requests

To submit a media request for an upcoming event at BOK Center, please visit the Media Requests page. Requests are subject to approval, access is not guaranteed. 

Mobile Ticketing

Please note that BOK Center events are mobile-only ticketing which means for new ticket purchases, your mobile phone is your ticket. Tickets will no longer be available to print at home or mail.

Before arriving at your event, please download the Ticketmaster or AXS app on your mobile device and locate your tickets in your account. Save your tickets in your mobile wallet on your phone before arriving at the venue. Upon arrival, you will pull up your tickets from your mobile wallet, present them to the ticket scanner who will scan the barcode, and you’re in.


Can I use a screenshot of my ticket? 
No, a mobile ticket must be provided either within the app, the mobile website or within your phone’s wallet to gain entry. Screenshots will not be accepted.

What are the benefits of mobile tickets? 

A mobile ticket is a convenient and safe way to receive, manage and utilize your tickets. It’s our goal to make your BOK Center experience the very best, and mobile tickets provide:

  • Quick and easy entry into BOK Center using your mobile phone
  • Instant access to all your tickets through the Ticketmaster / AXS App
  • The ability to manage, send or sell your tickets anytime
  • Reduced risk of lost or forgotten tickets
  • Increased protection against paper ticket fraud

What if I lose connectivity / can't connect to my account at BOK Center? 
The Ticketmaster app includes an offline mode that helps to save tickets after you view them. Once the tickets have been added to your account, you will be able to access them regardless of internet connectivity. By adding the tickets to your Apple or Google Play wallet, you can enter the venue without an internet connection.

What is my entire party isn't with me when I'm ready to enter? 
Mobile tickets make it easy to send tickets to everyone in your party in advance. You can easily transfer each guest their own ticket in advance, allowing everyone to enter on their own as they arrive.


BOK Center does not own or operate any parking areas. There are over 9,000 available parking spots within a five-minute walk of the arena. All privately-owned lots determine the rate for parking.  After 5pm all on-street metered parking is free.

Patrons with disabilities may be dropped off on West 3rd Street between Denver Avenue and Frisco Avenue and enter through the Main Entrance. BOK Center does not have any onsite parking.

Prohibited Items

For safety reasons, prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, or any paraphernalia associated with drug use
  • Audio/Video recorders, professional cameras, tripods
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Cans, bottles, coolers, or other similar containers
  • Fireworks
  • Flags/Signs with poles
  • iPads/tablets of any size
  • Laser pens/pointers of any type
  • Noisemakers such as air horns
  • Outside food or drinks (including empty reusable water bottles) 
  • Pepper spray/Mace
  • Bags that aren't clear and larger than 5"" x 8" 
  • Umbrellas that aren't collapsible and/or have a pointed tip
  • Weapons of any type, including knives, firearms and spiked jewelry
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by event/building management


For your safety, once a person exits BOK Center, re-entry is strictly prohibited.

Ride Share

Guests who use rideshare options to travel to and from BOK Center can have their rideshare drop-off & pick-up at 1st & Denver. 


All guests will have to go through walk-through metal detectors. These are located at every entrance. To accommodate the additional time needed for the new security procedures, fans are encouraged to arrive early to allow extra time for ingress.

BOK Center staffs both private security and off-duty Tulsa police officers to provide security before, during, and after events. Depending on the current Homeland Security National Threat Advisory, BOK Center will base event security upon that level along with the performer’s security rider.

Sensory Kits & Accommodations by KultureCity


BOK Center is a KultureCity Certified Sensory Inclusive Venue to provide all fans the opportunity for exceptional experiences. KultureCity sensory bags containing fidget tools and noise-canceling headphones, and identification cards that allow arena team members to recognize that the individual has a sensory need, are available for checkout at no cost by leaving an ID at any of our Guest Services desks.


The use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaporizers and other similar products are prohibited inside the venue.

Social Media


BOK Center does not control the sound system for events. The show provides their own equipment and handles the sound level.


Ticketmaster and AXS are the only official ticketing companies associated with BOK Center. If you aren’t purchasing tickets directly from, or then we can’t guarantee that tickets will be legitimate and we urge buyers to be careful.

Any lost or stolen ticket can be reprinted at the Box Office. The person who ordered the tickets along with the proper credit card and photo I.D will be required.

Tickets purchased are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

Venue Rental

BOK Center offers a wide range of event modes capable of accommodating any event, both for public and private occasions available for up to 20,000 patrons. Catering and event planning services are also available. For more information please visit our Private Events page. 


Wheelchairs are available at the Guest Services desks at the Grand Lobby outside of section 101 & Box Office entrance outside of section 116.  Fans who require a wheelchair escort to their seats should notify the gate staff upon arrival. Please note that wheelchairs cannot be borrowed for the duration of the event - they can only be used during load-in & load-out with the assistance of our Guest Services team.


Guests are encouraged to use BOK Center’s Public WiFi by connecting to “#ROCKTHEBOK-GUEST”